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Charlie Bears Adrian


Adrian is from the Charlie Bears 2018 Collection.


ADRIAN is a sizeable panda and is made with a mix of different textured fur in a variety of colours and the fur is a random pattern, so each bear will be unique!!The fur on his legs, arms and ears is dark brown, which is interspersed with some white patches, to add interest. The fur on his body and head is mainly tan, but this is often hidden, as it has a lot of light tipping and white patches – so run your hands through this and look for the white!


He has brown teardrop markings round his eyes and has a light, fluffy ruff round his neck. The brown hand-stitched nose matches his brown pads, which are sculpted and stitched and he wears a big bell pendant… which he will ring if he hasn’t got your attention already… but we are sure he has, as he is one striking panda!




Material: Plush

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